Hello, how are you Slimers, I’m Slaim36 and well, I wanted to introduce you that you are welcome to the Home Page of the OFFICIAL SLIM36 WEBSITE!!!

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Now we have a great list of heads in Minecraft and to get some, you just have to go to Heads, choose the head you want, and then, you go to Minecraft to type the following command:

/give @p minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner: “(Headname)”}

Remember to replace (Headname) with the username of the head, and that’s it, although if you are on a server and have access to / skull, you can simply use:

/skull (Headname)

And that’s it, I hope this very mini tutorial on our new list of heads has served you a lot.

So with that being said, have fun and discover the biggest and very hidden secrets in this great Slaim36 Official Website, Enjoy!!! .

Play, comment, create and have fun on the official Slaim36 page, this is the most fun website of all

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